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What to include to onboard and empower your affiliate partners?

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How do you work with affiliate partners or brands that you love?

I get this question asked a lot when people come to me and say how were you able to work with Buzzsprout and how have you partnered with Streamyard and how have you spoken on all these really incredible stages that are in your industry and with some really incredible thought leaders.

Well, I’ve really been hearing this question a lot more lately and so I thought today that we would break down a little bit behind the scenes of how I’ve been able to partner with some of these brands but also how you can replicate this for your own content for your own business and what that can look like.

So let’s get right to it.

Affiliate marketing

Hey everyone, Crystal here today and I wanted to talk to you first and foremost about affiliate marketing. Now you can watch this right here where I go into detail on what affiliate marketing is and how you can kind of set up a campaign behind the scenes for your own favorite products that you absolutely love. But in today’s post, I want to talk about how I’ve been able to partner with some of these brands that I love and how you can replicate this for your own business.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Crystal’s tips for partnering with brands

  • Be authentic and transparent. When you’re promoting a product or service, make sure you actually use it and believe in it. Your audience can spot a fake a mile away, so be genuine in your recommendations.
  • Build relationships. Don’t just pitch brands out of the blue. Take the time to build relationships with the people who work at the brands you’re interested in. Get to know them, what they’re working on, and how your audience could be a good fit for their product or service.
  • Offer value. What can you offer brands that other affiliates can’t? Do you have a large and engaged audience? Can you create high-quality content that promotes their product or service?
  • Be patient. It takes time to build relationships and land partnerships. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results overnight. Just keep putting in the work and eventually you’ll start to see success.

Finding the Right Affiliate Partners

More about the mechanics of what it’s like actually working with affiliate partners because at the end of the day the thing that I want you to value above everything else is working with companies that you are aligned with. Yes, I want you to make sure that you love the product you love the service you love to talk about this brand so much that you don’t care if anybody pays you. Yeah that’s right, like I said it and I’m gonna say it again, you are in this to be a cheerleader, an evangelist for this product.

Why Alignment Matters More Than Money?

This is a very, very important point because I get offers and people emailing me, DMing me, sending me messages all the time saying will you talk about my product on your podcast? Now these aren’t sponsorship deals, okay, these are people offering an affiliate partnership, so an ongoing collaboration between me and their brand or their product. I get a lot of these and as the years have gone on I get more and more and I think it’s important to note that I say no to 99.9% of them.

There’s a reason why: they are not aligned with the values that I have in my business or in my content, therefore we would not have a great partnership moving forward. If you hear me talk about things in my business in my content, if you follow me somewhere else, then you’re only going to hear me talk about products that I love that I use. I don’t endorse somebody’s product just for the money.

Understanding Affiliate Marketing

The Importance of Choosing the Right Products

If you’re brand new to affiliate marketing, you may have people messaging you and offering free accounts and enticing commission structures. I’ve heard it and seen it all. While I’m a part of dozens of affiliate programs, the ones that really work for me, the ones that make me thousands of dollars every single year, are the ones that I love and feel really good about promoting to my audience. These products offer a mutual benefit to me and the affiliate partner I’m working with.

The Basics of an Affiliate Campaign

Let’s break down what it looks like on a very simple basis to run an affiliate campaign and be a part of a strong partnership.

Let me know if you want a more detailed explanation of the steps involved in an affiliate campaign!

This type of relationship like I said I already have a video it’s all about what is affiliate marketing and how does it work but for the purposes of this I thought we can keep it pretty high level but an affiliate partnership looks like me the creator the person that has an audience a platform.
I want to talk about a product or a service or program and promote it to my audience I will take a link usually it’s a pretty long URL that I make to look a lot prettier you can see some of the examples that I have on the page these are some of my prettier URLs for affiliates that I’m a part of will share that link which is specific to me to my audience.
I will share it on my podcast I’ll share it on my I’ll share on my email list my social media like I share it everywhere because again I love this product it happens so organically that I just talk about it all the time so I’m like why don’t I share this in a way that it benefits again myself the partnership that I have with the affiliate and my audience

Affiliate Marketing

Believe in adding value so that is in a nutshell how affiliate marketing works for me. I will be creating a blog post soon about the difference between a creator versus someone that’s a partner with a brand. I can share a little bit about my own experience being a Buzz Sprout creator and a Streamyard partner.

Brand Partnerships

These are two companies that I started as an affiliate for. I would share these out whenever I was creating content. The process of being a partner of a brand is different from being an affiliate. I have to go through either an application or fill out a form or do an interview.

How to Find Affiliate Programs for the Products You Love

  1. Importance of Alignment: It’s important for me to make sure that I’m in alignment with the brands I work with. This benefits both myself and the brand because we know that we’re on the same page. My audience is the audience they are trying to reach, and the type of content I already create can benefit them.
  2. Finding Affiliate Programs:There are lots of ways to find out if the products you love have affiliate opportunities. The ones you already love to talk about, the ones that you could not function without – just google that business plus “partnership program,” “affiliate program,” or “creator program.” Don’t be afraid to go directly to that company’s website or do a quick Google search to see if they have these types of partnership programs. They can make a big difference!
  3. The Power of Affiliate Income: You may have heard me say this before, but in 2021 half of my income was from affiliate revenue. Yes, you heard that right – half of my income! This isn’t just for 2021; it’s been like that ever since I started my business. I rely heavily on affiliate income.

How to Become a Brand Partner?

  1. Sharing the Products That Help Your Business: I love to talk about the products and services that bring me so much value that help save me time and money and my sanity in my business so I’m going to shout them from the rooftops. I want to partner with brands and companies that work well with me and the audience that I’m trying to serve. I actually recorded a whole podcast episode about this on the Prophet Podcast. It’s episode 356, and I share more about how I partnered with Amy Porterfield in the past and how I’ve been an affiliate for other amazing programs like Convertkit and Deadline Funnel.
  2. Creating a Resources Page: I recommend all people like if you have a website you need to have a resources page that has all of your affiliate links. Trust me on this one, it makes your life so much easier because you can send everybody to one place and say these are my favorite resources. You have your affiliate disclaimer that says hey, I get paid if you click anything on here.
  3. Additional Resources and Support: I want you to be successful in doing this. If you have other questions about being a brand partner, running an affiliate promotion, or being an affiliate for other companies, let me know! Post them in the comments below.
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