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How to Solve FACEBOOK ADS Account BLOCK ?

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Getting Started with Online Advertising

So hey guys, today I am going to tell you the things that you have to follow if you’re new to online advertising. First of all, it’s important to have your own account. If you have an account, then it is necessary for you to post at least one post in your account.

  1. Creating Your Page: Let me check one thing for you, just a second, it is important to have your own page. You should know how to create a page. First of all, you should have your page. You have to create an account to set up a page.
  2. Finding the Right Ads: Now I will bring you directly where you have to see the ads to know which ones you should run. Now I am going to show you one more thing. We come to the Ads Library to see which ads we have to create. By searching here you can research what your competitors are doing. For example, if you are an influencer marketer then you can put elite marketing here like you will put influencer marketing. You can see all the ads that are running for influencer marketing and tailor your ads based on the successful ones.

How to Avoid Ad Rejection?

No look, you will make beans, your ad will not be rejected and you saw one thing here, policies are written everywhere in most of them and I will also give you this policy so that your ad will not be rejected, these are some people who do not notice but We are teaching you about advertising, we will tell you all the things, if you want an ad copy, I am going to give the solution for that too, so you have to enjoy the video till the end and learn and grow, here you can see all the efficient marketers. Ads are running now on XYZ. Here I am not just talking about efficiency marketing.

  1. Learn from the Best Ads: Will have to be run for anything, like whatever you want to learn, you can search there, like whatever ads of network marketing are running or like English, we have searched, see spoken English, you can look at the people, if you want to work. So you can know many things about spoken English. Who is running the channel of spoken English? If spoken English has become spoken English then here you will see the copies of all the channels running in India. So how can you further grow your network? Now you can You can search your area, like you are from Bhopal, you can search Bhopal by applying filter here.
  2. Find the Right Ads for Your Audience: In which language do you want to watch, here you get all the options. See guys, you will have to do this test and trial yourself, otherwise the video will become very long. Here you also get the option of platform, which ads you want to watch. I hope it would be clear to you as to who is running what and if things are clear to you then you can copy your very good ads from here and on the same note, if you are new to the channel then subscribe to the channel and press Turn on the bell icon
  3. Choosing the Right Advertisements: I will tell you which ads you have to run. I’ll share some examples of what I run myself. For instance, I’m copying a link and running it as a live ad. I’ve temporarily paused all other ads, and you can see the CPC (cost per click) is much lower than usual. There are still multiple ads running, but we’ve stopped this one now.
  4. Managing Ad Spend: Let me explain why we sometimes stop our ads for a short period or only run a few at a time during the transition between months. Running multiple ads simultaneously can create issues, and knowing where to remove ads is important. The best tool for this is the Ads Library, where you can view ads from all accounts. Helpful filters are available, including selecting ads by language.
  5. Protecting Your Privacy: Privacy is a major concern, and that’s why everyone takes precautions. This helps ensure accounts aren’t blocked and ads aren’t rejected.
  6. Advertising Guidelines: I am also going to put the policy, I am going to show it to you by running an ad and you are going to get very good benefits from it. If you follow these things, your ads will not be rejected. Now let me play an ad and show it to you and I am also going to give you an ad copy. I will also tell you how to get effective ad copies, but for now let’s run an ad as an example. Before that, let me tell you about a contest to make money.
  7. Language Considerations for Ads: You have to be careful with the language you use, because it could affect your ad’s approval. For instance, terms relating to MLM (multi-level marketing) often trigger rejections. Using the word “skill” is a safer strategy. I used a word in Hindi that could cause my content to be rejected, but replacing it with “skill” would likely be fine.
  8. Choosing the Right Ad Type: If you are a network marketer, affiliate marketer or doing any business, then first run an engagement ad. If the account is old, then I opt for a traffic ad. Engagement ads can help prevent your account from being blocked. Here, there are two options for running your ad. We will use the manual traffic option, which allows us to control the ad delivery. I will set a price that fits my budget.
  9. Targeting a Room for Rent Advertisement: I am running a room for one person whose price is Rs 150, which will cost Rs 150 per day. To do this, you can use online platforms. Search for the appropriate category (such as “housing”), then filter your results to the desired target audience.
  10. Setting Your Ad Budget: When running an ad for a room rental, I will put ₹ 10 here because 150 is being spent. You can check because GST is also included in this. If you don’t have a specific date range in mind, it’s best to leave the date field blank. For optimal reach, target your ad to India and adjust the age range for your ideal tenant (e.g., 19-24 for a mature individual with some business knowledge).
  11. Optimizing Reach: To reduce costs and maximize your ad’s reach, start by targeting all of India for your room rental. You can refine your targeting later as needed. The goal is to see how wide your ad can initially reach with your budget.
  12. Staying Compliant: To ensure your ad doesn’t get flagged, it’s important to include a clear privacy policy. You can copy a standard privacy policy and integrate it into your ad’s text. Also, make sure to include the correct link where potential tenants can learn more or contact you. Adhering to platform guidelines is key.
  13. Creating an Advertisement: Do it now, I will copy it and paste it here on which we have to run the ad. We have pasted this and we will paste it at all three places. Now here we will select our target audience. I get a very good response on this, so I will use this first. So guys, I have added all the elements, and after publishing, your ad will run and I know you guys have learned everything now.
  14. Offering Resources and Mentorship: You implement it and I told you one thing that I can also give you ad copy if you want, I have a lot of ad copies, you can see that there are a lot of ad copies, these are all the ads here, you can also see them. These are complete ads, if you want, then you will give it to me personally, I will also sign you the targeting, along with this you will also get the ads and if you want to learn more deeply and want to grow and also want to earn money, then one You have the option India Skill Up, your growth is also going to be good in India Skill Up as you can see.
  15. Sharing Success and Call to Action: I am earning a good amount here and here you also get courses in which you are taught, you also get a course in which you are given and I will help you to grow with me. And now your ad will not be rejected. If you want more ad copies, you can message me. Do all the very best and show something that the world also wants to do like you and your parents. Feel proud of you as I have grown if you
  16. Invitation to Join: If you want to grow with me, then join India Club. It is a platform where you get a lot of learning and I will guide you on how I have generated more than ₹ lakh of earnings. You get a chance to work under my mentorship. You will get and I will guide you how I have grown, how I have generated ₹ lakh within 2 years. If you want to learn, then I am going to tell you whatsapp-web ideas under my personal mentorship. Let’s grow together.

Encouragement and Conclusion You will do something because you have made people believe in themselves and the one who believes in himself moves forward in life. All the very best. Grow and progress in life [Music]

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