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Top Social Media Sites to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

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Sharing Affiliate Links on Social Media: Top Platforms

The Power of Pinterest

Today I want to talk about how you can share your links on social media and which are the best platforms to actually do that on so that you get click out to the products and services you’re recommending now the first platform I want to talk about I feel like people really sleep on it and don’t really realize the power of it and that is Pinterest Pinterest gives you the ability to create a pen and link to your affiliate offers in it and have those pins be there for months and years to come continually promoting those affiliate offers for you they now even have the ability for you link out to your affiliate offers via their product stickers and it will go directly on your idea pin.

So I think that this is an amazing way to promote your affiliate links because again idea pens are getting a lot of traction on Pinterest and these pens are going to be promoting that offer for months and years to come as I mentioned before it is totally a passive way to promote those offers and make sure you’re continually bringing traffic in to your links

Promote Affiliate Offers Through Multiple Formats

get so much more exposure on your affiliate offers now if you can make um content around that offer and then link to them so that people can go to those links. In your content, you can talk about the product, mention the product, or make a full tutorial on the product or whatever it is that you want to do but then you can link to your affiliate offer. Secondly, you can create short pieces of content around that product.

Build Trust for Stronger Affiliate Promotions

I think this offers an array of ways to promote those affiliate links that other platforms don’t where it’s just one way. This method has multiple ways in which you can do that and this is honestly probably my favorite way to promote affiliate links. I think you get more traction to your links faster because people have the opportunity to know like and trust you. They get a chance to see who you are, how you talk about the product, and your real experience with it as it is now a blog article and not a video.

Instagram for Affiliate Marketing

Instagram now has the ability for you to tag specific affiliate items in your post as well and with doing that all you have to do is down in the caption is to call out the links to those products so that people can click on those things and shop. It feels like all of the social media platforms are starting to do onsite shopping in some way shape or form to just offer that solution to the sellers but not only are the sellers benefiting, we as the affiliate marketers are benefiting as well.

I feel like this right now is working better for products so if you’re like a fashion girl or you’re a tech person, if you’re linking out to specific products this is working well for that. A lot of the like-to-know-it girls they link out to their products and I feel like that’s who I’m seeing doing a lot of this so if you have actual products that you’re linking to I want to say that Instagram is going to be best for that unless you’re linking to other affiliate offers via services and things inside of your link in bio that is a good tactic to use as well you can call out the thing that you’re talking about in the caption and then send them over to your link in bio.

Amazon: A Versatile Affiliate Option

Another one of my favorites, I want to say it is Amazon because Amazon literally allows you to do the affiliate marketing right there on their platform. You have the ability to create all types of photos and even live streams when it comes to promoting.

Amazon’s Influencer Programs

Products that you’ve bought on Amazon via the Amazon influencer program and Amazon Inspire literally you can showcase the product in a more in-depth way showing people how to use it how you may wear it how the things that you’re doing with that product and this goes a lot more in depth than you probably would with some of the other platforms because this platform is built for that.

I know people don’t really look at Amazon as a social media platform at the moment but actually it is they have Amazon inspired where you can do short form vertical videos showcasing the products that you’re using and promoting them to your audience so Amazon don’t sleep they’re they’re new in the game they’re just coming up.

But I’m loving what they’re doing over there I’m having fun with it I’m making good money with it um and I definitely recommend you jump on this train before it gets too you know saturated and too many people hop on but even though there’s still thousands of products for you to promote I like Amazon and I think being an early adopter of this platform really can pay off.

The Importance of Having Your Own Blog

Now lastly, y’all know I’m an advocate of this this is not a social media platform but this is your own blog I think everybody should have one period Point Blank you got to have somewhere for your people to come to find you in the event these platforms decide that you know I just don’t want to do that anymore you can promote your affiliate links on your blog and the thing about this is that you can promote multiple links from multiple companies.

The Power of Affiliate Marketing: 

  1. Blog Posts for Depth and Passive Income: Blog posts are amazing because they offer flexibility and in-depth exploration of products. Discuss your experiences and how the products have helped you. This strategy generates passive income thanks to search engine optimization (SEO), keyword targeting, and strategic placement of your affiliate links throughout the post.
  2. Email Marketing for Direct Engagement: Email is a fantastic way to do affiliate marketing! If you consistently provide value to your audience, they’ll be eager to learn about the products and services you recommend to help them achieve their goals. Include affiliate links within your newsletters. Email boasts a significantly higher open-rate than social media posts, ensuring your recommendations reach your dedicated subscribers.
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