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We’re going to talk about how I get free samples, and how I create content for the TikTok Shop affiliate program. If you are interested in learning more about being an affiliate, keep reading! My name is Austin Godbolt with [invalid URL removed]. I create content to help you make money online. If you want to connect, comment down below with your city, state, ZIP code, province, or country.

My Experience with the TikTok Shop:-

I’ve been an affiliate for the TikTok Shop for about three weeks. In one of my earlier posts, I showed you how you can join the TikTok Shop affiliate program without a large following. On the account where I’ve earned the most sales, I have about 78 or 80 followers.

  1. Finding Content Inspiration: Let’s take a look at how I create my content to start earning commissions. A simple strategy is to go to the TikTok home screen (the for you page) and simply scroll through, looking for posts related to the TikTok Shop. I keep an eye out for products that might be listed on the TikTok Shop.
  2. Choosing Products to Promote: It’s ironic that I’m not finding any examples right now, but let’s say I find a product like a Himalayan [item]. If it’s available on the TikTok Shop, that could be a great opportunity. I don’t just promote anything. Finding inspiration for products to feature is just the first step.

Finding Product Arbitrage Opportunities on TikTok Shop:-

  1. I’m exploring a simple strategy to find products on TikTok Shop that may be priced lower than on competitor sites like Amazon. The idea is to search for the same product on Amazon and see if there’s a substantial price difference. If so, I could exploit this difference for potential profit.
  2. The key is finding products with a drastic price discrepancy between TikTok and Amazon. I’ll keep browsing the TikTok Shop until I find a suitable candidate. Additionally, if I notice trends in the types of products being pushed by TikTok, it would be smart to capitalize on that – maybe by doing a product review video highlighting the benefits, strengths, weaknesses, and ideal customer for that product.
  3. To execute this strategy, I’ll start by taking a screenshot of the product on TikTok Shop. Then I’ll head over to the product marketplace and locate the same – or at least a very similar – version.

Finding and Promoting Products:-

Himalayan Himalayan resin once again and will’ll find the product and I’ll simply just first I’ll add it to my showcase so it’s easy to find and then I’ll take a screenshot let me select product like this and then I’ll take a screenshot like that okay and then when it comes time to make the video I’m just going to go back a couple times go back again hit the plus sign I’m going to hit effects and then I’m going to make a video.

Creating Engaging Content:-

I’ll speak right into the microphone if I’m doing a price comparison I’ll say something like before you run out and buy something on Amazon always check the price on Tik Tok shop I’ll do the price comparison it’ll be about a minute video. Let’s say I’m just need to make a video quick hey guys I know that you’ve seen this popular product over here on Tik Tok go ahead and pick it up because it’s got awesome reviews here’s how it can solve your problems blah blah blah blah blah and then I’ll say something like hey I include a button down below for you to access it really quickly go check it out on the Tik Tok shop.

Optimizing Product Descriptions

So now that I’ve got that I’m going to press the check mark I’m okay with this hit next and then what I like to do is I like to copy the name of the entire product and paste it right in here so I’ll go back over to Amazon and I believe this is our product I’m going to copy the entire name like this make sure it’s the same name and then I paste it over here just like that and then maybe I’ll do a hashtag for Himalayan resin or whatever the name of the product is once I’m done I make sure that the product is linked so I’m going to go add link product and then that’s it.

Getting Free Samples for Affiliate Marketing: Simple and Effective Strategies:

  • Adding Products to Your Affiliate Showcase: The benefit of using the “add product” feature on [your affiliate platform] is that it easily attaches the product to your content. Simply click “add,” find your product, and post your content. This streamlined approach makes it incredibly simple to integrate affiliate links.
  • My Free Sample Success: I’m excited to share how I obtain free product samples, which arrive this week! These will help me create multiple pieces of content (like unboxings and reviews) from a single product, boosting my earning potential.

Finding Free Samples on Your Affiliate Platform

Within my affiliate marketing account, I use two main methods to get free samples. Firstly, I proactively reach out to brands within my niche. For instance, if I focus on pets, I’ll search “pet” and contact relevant companies. I use a quick template (ChatGPT can help!) that mentions the specific products I’m interested in. While most brands may decline, some will agree and just ask for your shipping address.

TikTok’s Free Sample Opportunities

Additionally, once you start making sales on TikTok, they may send you invitations for free sample requests. You may also receive coupons to heavily discount sample purchases. Remember to follow any requirements, like posting a follow-up review, when you accept these offers.

Getting Started with TikTok Shop and Earning Extra Income:

TikTok Shop is a platform that allows you to promote and sell products directly within the popular TikTok app. I’ve recently gotten started and have been pleasantly surprised by the potential to earn some extra income.

One strategy is to order product samples from various sellers on TikTok Shop. Some are for myself, some are for my dog, but the goal is to create about five promotional pieces for each product. This will hopefully increase visibility and generate more commission.

If you’re new to TikTok Shop, start by making review posts featuring different products that you find interesting. Don’t hesitate to reach out to sellers and ask for free samples. The worst they can say is no. Eventually, with consistency, you may find sellers offering you free samples, saving you money.

My TikTok Shop Earnings

While your results will vary, it’s encouraging to see the potential. Just today, I made a $5 sale. Interestingly, almost all my sales have come from a single product that I didn’t even physically use in my promotional content. Over the past week, I’ve earned $99 from 18 items sold, bringing in a revenue of $455.81 for the company. That averages to about $5 per order. While this won’t replace your day job, that kind of extra income can certainly pay for a nice meal out for the family.

The Product Review Strategy

That’s where we want to go but the cool thing about this is that I’m uploading one minute reviews. I don’t have the products yet but you know that I’m going to get these products and when I get the product that’s going to give me even more opportunity, even more stuff to say. I’ll be able to create even better reviews which will allow me to get more free products so hopefully as time goes on as I continue creating content my commissions will double triple quadruple.

Uncertainty and Market Trends

As I’ve mentioned before I don’t know how long this is going to be around. I don’t know if this is something that’s going to die out because as you saw when I was swiping on the online shop, I didn’t see a bunch of promotional posts. Two weeks ago, three weeks ago every third post was promoting the shop. I didn’t see that. Also, there has been some backlash from the online community with people complaining about the number of promotional posts that they see in their feed.

Exploring New Formats

The other thing that I did try, which didn’t work out for me greatly, was the platform is requesting that everyone create their content in a horizontal format instead of vertical. So I tried to create promotional content in the horizontal format and it didn’t work out. I didn’t get a ton more views, in fact, I think I got less views. But that’s something that I’m going to continue to touch on as well. When I get the free samples I’ll be able to do the horizontal or landscape mode so hopefully, I’ll be able to get more views that way.

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