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Passive Income Power: Build a Profitable Affiliate Business

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You’re wanting to start an affiliate marketing business. You don’t have money, you don’t have experience, but you have a desire to get started. Well, welcome! I’m so glad to have you here. My name is Darcy, and if you stick with me long enough, I’m going to help you start a business of your very own. Not too long ago, I was in your shoes.Didn’t know where to start, how to start, or who was going to help me. But unlike you, I didn’t have anyone to help me. I made a ton of mistakes, but I’m grateful for them because it got me to where I am.

Nine Steps to Start Your Affiliate Marketing Business

My goal today is to give you nine actionable steps that’ll take you from having this dream of doing more and making more all the way to having an affiliate marketing business set up and ready to go. I took the bold step of sharing my knowledge and experience in a blog, writing one article after another. It just happened to be that the content I was talking about was perfect for affiliate marketing. That changed everything for me.

The Power of a Growth Mindset in Affiliate Marketing

Step One: Develop a Growth Mindset

I know when you follow these nine steps, it’s going to change your life as well. The first step to getting started with affiliate marketing is to develop a growth mindset. A great place to read up on what exactly is a growth mindset is the book Mindset by Carol Dweck. In this book, Carol Dweck gives great examples about how different mindsets—the growth versus the fixed mindset—have a strong effect on how successful people are in their lives.

To me, having a growth mindset means that where I am today is not who I will be in my future. The skills I have today, the mindset I have today, the attitude I have today, the style I have today will not be the same in the future. I have the power to be and grow into the person that I want to be.

The main thing to take away is that everything that you have is more than enough and that you are capable of accomplishing your wildest dreams. I believe in you. I see a future where you are thriving, happy, and in your zone. The benefit of having a growth mindset is that although you’re learning about affiliate marketing today, six months from now, a year from now, you’re going to be running a successful affiliate marketing business that is successfully making thousands of dollars a month.

Step Two: Brainstorming Ideas

Now that your mind’s right, let’s go into step two, which is brainstorming ideas! This is going to be fun. Grab a sheet of paper and a pen. Draw two columns on that paper.

Identifying Your Strengths and Passions

What am I good at?

  • Lines on your paper from top to bottom are going to create three columns. In the first column, you’re going to write what you’re good at. Take 5 to 10 minutes and try to come up with at least 2-3 bullet points. This exercise will help you determine what products or services you could potentially offer.

Example: My Strengths

  • I’m good at everything related to data. This means I know how to use Excel and I can build fancy charts in tools like Tableau and PowerBI.
  • I’m good at budgeting and saving money (maybe a little bit too much, as I can be a stickler for staying on budget).
  • I’m also really good at eating! I feel like I’m an expert eater. If there’s any food anywhere, let me know so I can eat it. I’m definitely one of those people who live to eat, rather than eat to live.

What do people ask me to help them with?

  • Spend another 5-10 minutes focusing on this question. What are the problems people come to you with, or things they ask you to teach them?

What do you like talking about?

  • Don’t be afraid to have fun with this exercise! Are there things you can excitedly discuss for hours? Write those down! I feel like I’m good at breaking the ice and explaining complicated topics.

Overcoming Challenges to Find Your Purpose

Think about a challenge you’ve overcome. There’s something in your life that you’ve been able to get through, and you are still standing here today.

Write down at least one difficult thing that has happened in your life. Regardless of that situation, you are still here today. Now that you have those ideas written down, start connecting those ideas with a product or service. If there isn’t an existing solution, there’s an opportunity to create one!

Connecting Your Passion to a Solution

Let me give you a personal example to illustrate the idea of connecting passion to a product. I enjoy helping people improve their finances. One way to improve finances is by saving money. 

The one company that comes to mind straight away is Mint Mobile. They constantly focus on offering the most affordable prices compared to other cell phone companies. In less than a minute, I was able to connect something I’m passionate about to a product that I can refer to.

Understanding Affiliate Marketing

People, at its simplest, this is what affiliate marketing is: it’s saying “hey friend, I think this product or this service is really good. I personally use it or I know other people that use it and I think that if you used it it would make your life better.” And so at this point you have ideas and you have products associated with those ideas.

  • Setting Goals in Affiliate Marketing

Now it’s time for step three, which is setting goals. When it comes to setting goals it’s really important that you ask yourself how much do you want to make on a monthly basis? Do you want it to be an additional $100 a month or nine Chipotle burritos? Or do you want it to be $11,000 a month or 90 Chipotle burritos?

You get to determine how much additional money you want to make from this. Are there any goals that you want to achieve with this side hustle or business? Do you want to pay off debt? Do you want to go on an all-expense vacation?

  • Creating a Website for Affiliate Marketing

For step four, you’re going to create a website. A really good website to promote affiliate links is Linktree. With Linktree, you can organize your affiliate links by giving them titles and organizing them in different sections.

To give you an example, with my Linktree, I’ve organized the first two sections by where you were in the process of setting up an LLC.

  • Pre-LLC and LLC Formation: Organizing Your Affiliate Marketing

Have pre-LLC formation and then LLC formation, and so there’s different things that you need to do in each stage of the process. So you can organize your link tree based off the idea you had in step two in a very similar way.

  • Prioritizing Products that Benefit Your Audience

The reason why you’re creating a website before you actually have the affiliate links is because it’s important that you remember that you are supposed to be promoting products that you personally recommend or think would be good for your audience. When I first got started, I sent people directly to the website without even including an affiliate link because I truly believe that the company was a good company, and I wanted to share it with my audience.

  • Build Trust Through Genuine Recommendations

When starting out with affiliate marketing, it’s important that you set the intention that you’re going to help people. I would say when you’re first getting started, refer people to these products or services without even having an affiliate link as this builds trust with your audience. When I first got started, I didn’t have partners that I was working with. I just wanted to share good quality companies.

  • Find Products Your Audience Loves

When you’re first getting started, I do recommend that you share companies with your audience, see what they like, see what they don’t like. Once you find out what really connects and resonates with your audience, then you can start including your affiliate link. It’s important that your audience knows that you care about them benefiting first.

  • Finding an Affiliate Partner

the fifth step this is the fun part this is where you look for an affiliate partner and so an easy way to do this is go to and type in the company or product that you mentioned in step two and you’re going to type in that company since I already started talking about M mobile I’m going to type in Bent mobile affiliate program you’re going to type in the same for the company or product that you chose once you type that in the first link that you see it might be some advertisements.

After that in most cases you’re going to see that company affiliate program in my case I see mmobile affiliate program you’re going to click that link and so right away it says become a mmobile partner and earn up to $20 Commission on all orders.

  • Affiliate Networks and Other Options

but you do have a couple of options with the example earlier you can go directly to the company and see if they have an affiliate program but you can also join affiliate networks some of the affiliate networks that I’m a part of are sharl partner stack impact and Digi store 24 affiliate networks are places that you can go that all have thousands of companies all on one platform you don’t have to Google or look for each individual affiliate program but all you have to do is sign up for one network and have access to all of those companies in that Network and so out of all the AFF affiliate programs I really like partner sack they have a bunch of charts and information which make.

  • Affiliate Partnerships

Partnerships and So within a partnership dashboard you can see how many times people clicked your affiliate link you can also see whether you join a company directly or go with the affiliate network.

They’re going to provide you with a unique URL which can look something like this example right here this URL is going to have a unique name or number that’s tied specifically to you which means that companies are able to say hey I got this new customer because of Sally or because of Bob or because of Darcy they’re able to tie you to their customer because of this link.

  • Promoting Your Links

Now that you have your website and your affiliate links it’s now time to create a freebie this is something that you’re going to give away to your audience for free this can be a one-page document this can be a how-to guide on how to sign up for the affiliate program that you just joined.

it can be a checklist and so you have a ton of options when it comes to what you want to give away for free to your audience but having a freebie is really important because in exchange they give you their emails and when you have your audience’s email you’re able to build a closer relationship with them and so when your audience is able to get to know you more they’re more likely to support you in addition the return on investment when it comes to email marketing is that for every $1 you spend you’re going to get back $36.

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