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How to Start Affiliate Marketing Without a Following

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Hey everyone, welcome back. In this article, I’m going to be giving you a full tutorial on how to start affiliate marketing with no audience. So for those of you who do not already have a following built up on any social media platforms, this is going to be the article for you. Now, what’s going to make this article super helpful is I’m going to explain things, but then also provide on-screen examples so you can follow along step by step.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: Audience vs. No Audience

So without further ado, let’s get straight into this article. If you are a beginner getting into affiliate marketing, sit back, relax, this is going to be a very helpful article. Okay, so now that we are focused on the topic, let’s first talk about the first concept of an audience versus not having an audience.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

When most people talk about how to do affiliate marketing, which if you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, the very simplified version of it is you as a content creator creating some kind of content on the internet, you partner with different companies that sell different products that you know and you use.

Joining Affiliate Programs and Getting Your Referral Link

It’s totally free to partner with those companies. You simply go to their websites and you join their affiliate program, and they give you a unique referral link. It’s basically a clickable link that you can share with anyone and put it into your content that you’re posting online.

How You Earn Commissions with Affiliate Marketing

And when anyone comes and sees your content, they click on your referral link, it takes them directly to the company’s website where they can make a purchase of any of the products you were talking about. And if they do make a purchase, you get paid a commission for sending that buyer to the company.

The Search Strategy for Affiliate Marketing without an Audience

Now, traditionally, the way that affiliate marketing is done and the way that most people teach it, is by you already having an audience or a following. However, for 99% of people out there who are getting into affiliate marketing, they don’t already have an audience or a following built up. So what are you supposed to do? What I’m about to show you is what I refer to as the search strategy for affiliate marketing.

Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

And before I get into this, let me first just preface this by saying, this is the strategy for affiliate marketing that I personally do. I have multiple channels across various social platforms that are specific to different niches where I create affiliate content. This is something that most people do not know about my business, but this is where I’m spending a lot of time creating content and posting it online to do affiliate marketing.

Choosing a Niche

Now, I’ll show you what all of that looks like, but first, I wanna walk you through the whole sequence here just so all this comes together nicely for you. For the example of this article, I’m going to pick kind of a random niche, and that’s what we’re going to use to show how all of this works. Now, the niche that I’ll use for this article is fishing, and that’ll allow us to show all of the steps.

Finding Affiliate Opportunities on Social Media

First things first, to show what this typically looks like, if you went over to Instagram, just a popular social media platform, and you typed in fishing, you’re going to see all of these posts that have a great opportunity to do affiliate marketing. So if you click on any of these posts, you’re going to see that these creators have a following already. That’s just how they’re ranking on Instagram, and that’s why they have an audience waiting for them. That’s how they can easily do affiliate marketing.

Understanding the Affiliate’s Reach

So looking at this creator, they have 126,000 followers on Instagram. This is typically how affiliate marketing is going to be done. You have a full audience, you can create any kind of content that you want, and then you can plug in the different products that you use throughout your content with a link in the description.

Finding a Fishing Niche Through Search Strategy

Now, if you don’t already have a following, how are you supposed to show up in all of these search results of fishing? Just because there are so many other big creators that are just going to overpower your content. Well, that’s where this search strategy comes in. So let me show you what that looks like.

Organic Traffic Potential on Google

So over on Google, what so many people don’t realize is that there’s something like 100,000 searches going through Google every single second. So just in the few seconds it took me to explain that, there’s been almost a million searches on Google To put that into context, that is so much more organic traffic than is flowing on Instagram or on Facebook.

Affiliate Marketing Without a Following on Google

Now, the reason that this is so helpful for affiliate marketing is that you do not need a following to create content that ranks on Google. Now, a very important side note that we will get into in a second here is that Google and YouTube are both owned by the same company. And again, what a lot of people don’t realize is that what you post on YouTube will also show up on Google.

Finding Fishing Products Through Search

So you’re kind of getting double the traffic just by posting in one place. So to show how all of this starts to come together for this fishing example, there are people coming in here every day searching for fishing products. So just a baseline search here, best fishing poll for beginners. We’ll give that a search and just see what comes up.

Analyzing Top Search Results for Fishing Poles
Now up top here, you’re going to have your sponsored kind of products. This is what we are going to disregard. However, what shows up in these results here is what we wanna pay attention to. So this very first result here is an article. So if we click this, it’s by a website called Outdoor Life. This is going to be an article explaining what the top fishing pole recommendations are for beginners based on this website’s opinion.

Beware of Affiliate Links in Fishing Rod Articles

If you’re a beginner looking for online recommendations on the best fishing poles, be aware that most articles are likely peppered with affiliate links. These links earn the article’s author a commission when you follow them and make a purchase. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with this, it’s good to keep this in mind when evaluating the objectivity of the recommendations.

AI Tools Increase Competition in Affiliate Marketing

As a veteran affiliate marketer, I’ve seen firsthand how artificial intelligence (AI) tools have dramatically changed the landscape of content creation. Tools like ChatGPT can generate lengthy, well-written articles in seconds, lowering the barrier to entry and making competition for search engine results much fiercer.

ChatGPT: A Free AI Tool for Writing Fishing Blog Posts

ChatGPT is a powerful example of how AI facilitates rapid content creation. With a simple prompt like “Write me a blog post about the best fishing pole for beginners,” it can produce a complete article. All that remains is to insert relevant product links, potentially with an affiliate marketing angle.

AI-Written Articles Flood Google, Decreasing Strategy Effectiveness

Due to easy content generation with AI tools, Google is facing an influx of AI-written articles. This dilutes the value of genuinely researched, experience-based articles, and it’s becoming harder to stand out using this strategy alone.

The Author’s Million Dollar Strategy

Over the past five years, through experimentation and refinement, I’ve discovered a different approach to affiliate marketing that has generated roughly a million dollars in profit over the last three years alone. This strategy feels perfectly aligned with current trends, a classic “right place, right time” scenario.

The Right Place at the Right Time: The Author’s Strategy

My successful strategy capitalizes on the fact that Google search results incorporate content from YouTube and other video-sharing platforms.

Search Results and Affiliate Marketing

These results are pulled directly from online sources. People increasingly prefer visual content over articles, so clicking on results takes users to the source of the information. This represents a simple business model – instead of writing articles, create visual content and place affiliate links for mentioned products in the description.

Building an Audience

This particular content creator has a large audience, but that’s not necessary for success in affiliate marketing. Using a search-focused strategy allows you to get traffic directly from people searching for topics related to your content. This differs from traditional affiliate marketing, which relies on an existing audience.

Organic Traffic and Search Engines

The key is understanding that your traffic comes organically from people searching for things. This applies to all major search engines. Content that matches search terms will appear in results, even if you don’t have an established audience.

Longevity of Visual Content

What I love about this approach is the longevity of visual content on search engines. Unlike social media platforms where posts become less relevant over time, well-made visual content can remain in search results for years.

Dealing with AI-Generated Content

Search engines are actively combating the flood of AI-generated text articles. This presents a unique opportunity for those who focus on creating high-quality, original visual content to succeed in affiliate marketing.

Real Content vs. Fluff

They do not want this fluff kind of content that anyone can come in and create and just copy paste onto their website. They don’t want that on their platform because it’s not considered high value or value added content. However, when you come over and look at something like the one we were just watching, that is high value, value added content.

The Value of Authenticity

A real person is creating a real experience, sharing their real experience with something. This is the type of user generated content that Google is looking for. They want that on their platform instead of the artificial intelligence generated content. Now, this goes for faceless videos as well. So you don’t actually have to be on camera.

Focus on Your Experience

You can have your camera facing forward and showing different products how you use different products and just have your voice explaining what’s going on. That is still considered user generated content, and that is what Google is craving right now. Again, I am putting my money where my mouth is.

Call to Action

This is where I’m spending my personal time and effort growing these other niche affiliate channels. With all that being said, I hope this gives you a really good idea that you can start putting time and effort into as well. And as always, if you have any questions, just let me know.

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