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How To Solve Google Ads Account Suspended?

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If your Google Ads account was suspended, I am here to help make your life a little bit easier. Although I can’t tell you the exact reason for why your account was suspended and I can’t give you a foolproof way to create an account that will never be banned, what I can do is give you seven tips for what to do in case your account does get banned to help make your life a little bit easier.

The Suspension Notice

You might have seen a message or an email that looks something like this that says your account was suspended. This can be very frustrating. I have worked with businesses that had their accounts suspended right off the bat, and my first tip to you is to not stress out. This does actually happen quite often.

Reasons for Account Suspension:-

A lot of the businesses that I have worked with or dealt with messaged me saying that their accounts were suspended as soon as they entered their credit card or as soon as they set up a campaign. In fact, some accounts I helped create were suspended right after entering credit card info, even before a campaign could be made. These are normal credit cards that people use for everyday purchases.

Google Ads Account Suspensions

Sometimes Google suspends accounts related to online purchases from real businesses and individuals. The reasons for this are unknown. If your account gets banned, don’t worry – many people experience this. You can usually get your account reinstated by submitting an appeal. It’s possible Google suspends some accounts randomly to check if they are operated by real people.

No Foolproof Solutions Exist

Don’t expect anyone to provide a foolproof method for creating a Google Ads account that guarantees it won’t be banned. Google is constantly monitoring and changing its algorithms to prevent scammers or spammers from abusing the system. Additionally, strategies that work for one person may not work for others.

The Risks of Trying to Circumvent a Ban:-

Common advice suggests using a VPN, different credit card, different address, and different computer to create a new account. However, your account could get banned for totally unexpected reasons. Some businesses have seen their accounts banned immediately after entering their credit card details, even if they never advertised before. You can’t rely on information that somebody tells you. Even if they’ve found a way to create accounts successfully, they might withhold that information to protect their method from being detected.

Unreliable Solutions

Nobody can or will want to tell you exactly how to create an account without getting banned. If your account was banned, the best thing you can do is to submit an appeal.

Be Honest When Creating Your Account

Before you even submit an appeal, be as honest as you possibly can when creating any new accounts. Use your actual address, use your actual credit card, and try to stay away from virtual cards. Avoid websites that give you a bunch of different fake addresses you can use, because search engines can often detect these fake addresses.

The Risks of Virtual Credit Cards

so they probably already know that it’s fake if you use a vcc a virtual credit card the issue here is that you can put in some money say a hundred dollars you can spend 300 bucks and then you’re not gonna pay the rest right so that’s google’s concern usually with a virtual credit card is that your you have to load money onto it so if you have a real credit card use that basically be as real and as transparent as you can because this will also come in handy when you create an appeal because then you can be honest right and

Honesty and Detail in Your Appeal

you can actually provide proof if asked for it which brings me to tip number four when you do submit an appeal be as honest as possible but also be as detailed as possible so when you do submit an appeal when you get a message like this saying your account was banned don’t just tell them hey my account was up what’s going on right take the initiative take the first step show them that you care that you’re a legitimate marketer legitimate business volunteer any information that they might possibly

Explaining Your Situation

ask for explain to them step by step what you did you heard about google ads from your friend you wanted to promote it you have this this this business that’s based in here you sell this this this to us clients or whatever clients you signed up to google ads you followed the steps and as soon as you entered your credit card information your account was banned so you can give them more information you can tell them that this is the card that you use for all your purchases it is not a virtual card it is a real card and this is where you

Demonstrating Your Legitimacy

can also volunteer information you know take a screenshot of your card hide all the digits except the last four if you want to show them that it’s a real legitimate card with your legitimate address your business name or your name if you’re using a personal account maybe send a screenshot of your driver’s license to show them that you are really the person who you claim to be right take the initiative volunteer information don’t just say hey why was my account bad give it back to me please you know i don’t know what i did wrong

Going Above and Beyond in Your Appeal

take the initiative tell them everything you did and provide as much information as you possibly can in your appeal now if you do know why your account was suspended such as if you violated certain terms and conditions which is you know obviously your account will get suspended for that um chances are slim that you will get your account back but regardless this tip still stands be as detailed as you can and tell them that hey i know that i broke this rule that i violated your policies here this specific policy

Owning Up To Your Mistakes

pinpoint to the exact policy that you broke right tell them that you did the research tell them what you did to look into it to do the research for their policies tell them that you read through their entire policy list now you’re you know you’re a changed man or woman you’re not gonna repeat the same mistakes and tell them that hey going forward i’m gonna be careful i will not repeat the same mistakes so if you know your exact issue tell them be transparent be honest and tell them up front hey i up not gonna happen

Mysteries of Account Bans

Sometimes, even legitimate businesses can find themselves with unexpectedly banned accounts. This can be extremely frustrating, especially if there appears to be no clear reason for the action.

Patience is Key

After you’ve submitted an appeal, it’s important to be patient. Don’t create additional new accounts, even with altered information, as this will raise suspicions and make it harder to prove your legitimacy. Be honest and transparent; that’s the best way to show you are a genuine business. It might take some time, but wait for a response before seeking other alternatives.

Alternative Advertising Methods

While waiting for a resolution, remember that there are countless ways to make money online. Consider other advertising platforms like Microsoft Ads, Facebook Ads, or native ads. You can also explore options such as search engine optimization (SEO) or even platforms like Reddit and Quora.

Options While Your Account is Under Review

promoting your business so while you wait on your appeal you could look at these options do some research and see what works best for you now

Creating a Replacement Account (With Caution)

my tip number six is if everything fails and if you can’t get your account back through an appeal you could try to create another account maybe using a different credit card maybe using a different address you can change things up if you use the personal address maybe you can use a business one vice versa and when you do i do suggest that you use the help of google ads reps so when

Leveraging Your Work with Google Reps

the second reason which is what i think the most important one is you can actually use this when you submit an appeal so if you create an account with one of these reps and then your account gets banned when you submit an appeal you could say hey i’m a new advertiser i even contacted you guys for help and i used the help of your support so your support guided me through all the steps and yet my account was still banned what’s going on right so you could use a little bit of this as leverage to say that hey i did everything right i did

Important Notes

  • Account Restrictions: Google has strict policies about creating new accounts after a ban. It’s crucial to understand these policies before attempting this, as it might lead to further issues.
  • Focus on Your Appeal: If your initial account was banned, the primary focus should likely be on understanding the violation and crafting a strong appeal.

Beware of Support Limitations

Absolutely everything right, support told me how to create an account and yet it was still bad. So just a little something that could definitely help you out. My tip number seven, last but not least, is don’t rely on the reps too much.

They are kind of useless when it comes to account suspensions. All they know is that your account was banned; they might give you a general reason for why it was banned. For example, if you got suspended for suspicious payment activity, they will tell you, hey you know there was some suspicious payment, something wrong with the card, try a different card or do something else, you know.

The Frustration of Automated Responses

They can give you a general reason for why your account was banned, but they do not know the details. Nobody does except the people who you send this appeal to, and there is absolutely no way to get in touch with those people. Every email you get from them is pretty much automated; there is absolutely no way to get in touch with the higher-ups who are directly responsible for giving you your account back or suspending your account. There’s no way to contact them at all.

Support Representatives Have Limited Power

The only thing you can do is talk to the reps, and maybe the reps can send a message. But regardless, the reps are pretty clueless, and they’re instructed not to give out too much information. Moreover, they don’t know the information; they’re not given the information for why your account was banned and things like that, so they literally just don’t know, all right? So don’t put too much hope on them.

Don’t think that oh, if my account gets banned, I’ll just contact support, and they’ll help me clear it up – nope, no chance. There’s no way to contact people that can actually help you, all right?

Support: Use Them, But Don’t Expect Miracles

So just letting you know, use the reps to your advantage to help create an account, to use them as leverage, but they are pretty useless when it comes to the actual account suspension.

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