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How To Make Affiliate Program at WooCommerce Website

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I will show you how to add an affiliate program to WooCommerce. First of all, you have to log in inside your WordPress. To add the affiliate program to WooCommerce, we have to install a plugin. I will actually go inside the plugins and I will add a new plugin here. So I have to search for WooCommerce affiliate. Now you can see here the plugin on the third number YITH WooCommerce Affiliate so we have to install this and this is actually a free plugin but it also does have a pro version. Let’s just activate this affiliate plugin.

Managing Affiliates

As you can see here, we have activated our WooCommerce affiliate plugin. Now I will actually go inside this plugin. As you can see here right now we have three different affiliate accounts here and the status of these accounts are actually accepted. I can even ban these Affiliates or reject these Affiliates.

If you want to add the Affiliates manually you can simply add it from here so you would simply click on the add affiliate and you can add the affiliate by two different options. The first one is by searching the user that you have in your WooCommerce user list or you can even create the affiliate by providing the username email and the role of that particular user.

Affiliate Dashboard

In the option of the dashboard of WooCommerce affiliate plugin we actually have four different options here. The first one is the affiliate and the second one is the commissions where you can actually add the commissions list and the commissions payments.

Journal Options

In the journal options, you have several sections: general options, affiliate registration, affiliate dashboard, commissions, payments, and the “get premium” option. The “get premium” option allows you to upgrade to the pro version of this plugin. Let’s look at the commissions list. Since there are no commissions registered, we won’t find any data here. The same applies to the commissions payment section.

General Options

In the general options, there’s a query word name (“ref”) that you should leave as-is. You’ll also find cookie options.

Affiliate Registration

This section defines the requirements for users to apply for the affiliation program. Requirements include username, first name, last name, email, and password. There are also options for primary text and terms, though the primary text field is not mandatory.

Affiliate Dashboard

The affiliate dashboard has two display options. The first option uses a shortcode to embed the dashboard into a specific page. The second option integrates the dashboard directly into the “my account” page.

Social Sharing Settings

Configure social sharing to promote your referral program. Enable social sharing for your referral URLs, and select the social networks where you permit affiliates to promote product links. Customize settings for the social title, accompanying text, and even a designated Pinterest image.

Setting Commission Rates and Payment Options

Establish the default commission rate for your program (e.g., 15%). Explore additional options available for customizing commission structures.

Affiliate Dashboard Access

Once the affiliate plugin is activated, those in your program can access their affiliate dashboard via the “My Account” section of your store. This dashboard provides the tools for affiliates to manage their participation in the program.

Applying to an Affiliate Program

Walk through the process of applying for an affiliate program. This includes providing the store URL and logging into an existing user account on the store’s website. Logging into the user account allows you to access the dashboard features for the affiliate program.

Applying for an Affiliate Program

I logged into my account and found the affiliate dashboard button at the bottom of the menu. To apply for the affiliate program, I clicked on “become an affiliate.” My request was registered and is pending administrator approval.

Administrator Controls

From the WordPress dashboard, I navigated to the affiliate section. Here, I see an application from a user. The application status is pending. As the administrator, I can enable, reject, or ban the affiliate. I decided to enable this affiliate.

The Affiliate User Dashboard

The user should now have an affiliate dashboard. After refreshing the page, the affiliate dashboard appeared. The dashboard includes statistics such as commission rates, visits, conversion rates, total earnings, recent commissions, and recent visits. The commissions section will contain detailed commission information.

Product Listing and Payment Overview

list of the different products but right now we haven’t added any product here so in the visit we will have the same thing we would have the list of the visits okay so in the payment we will have the list of the payments that are requested on and in the link generator we can actually generate our reference link okay so if you want to use this link so this link would simply redirect the user to the home page of the woocommerce shop so let’s just copy this and try to use this on another tab and as you can see here that our store

Reference Links for Affiliate Marketing

is actually using the reference ID of the user account or the affiliate account all right so if you want to create the custom URL for the specific product so what you need to do you will actually so let me just click on a shop here and I actually want to create the affiliate link of this laptop or this product so I will actually copy the link of this product and paste the link here and it will actually create the affiliate link of that particular product and we can open this link on another browser okay so we’ll just paste the link here

Product Page and Payment Configuration

okay so as you can see here that we are on the product page here so let’s just delete this and go into the settings and in the settings we have the payment info and if you want to receive the Paypal payment you would have to use your payment email here but we can also add the other payment method so let’s go back to the WordPress dashboard and look for the payment method so I will actually click here on the commission and the payments okay so in the commissions and the payment.

Configuring Payment Gateways

bottom of the page the payment gateways so for the free plugin we have payment method of direct paying or the wire transfer so I will actually activate this and save the options and now I will go back to our user account so let me just refresh this and we have added the payment method of direct paying on the wire transfer you can add the account name IBN number and the Swift Code all right

Reviewing the Affiliate Dashboard

so let’s just go back to the dashboard of our affiliate account and as you can see here we have the two visits today that we have done on another browser okay so this is how we can add the affiliate program to woocommerce website all right

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