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How to collect emails for Affiliate Marketing?

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I’m going to reveal exactly how you can start building your own email list totally for free so you can start to convert more leads into cold hard cash. Now chances are maybe you’ve heard the saying the fortune is in the follow-up. See, most people are not gonna buy right away so if you’re sending visitors directly to a sales page, most people are not gonna buy. In fact, only one out of a hundred may actually pull out their credit card and make an instant purchase. So what I’m going to teach you how to do is how to literally collect an email address from someone and start to follow up with them so you can begin to convert way more people into money online.

Finding the Right Product

If you’re an affiliate marketer or you’re someone that’s promoting a product online, I’m gonna share with you a free software you can use to get going with building this email list and I’m even gonna share with you an offer you can start promoting to start to generate commissions as soon as this week.

com which is a massive affiliate marketplace so if you’re new to clickbank all you have to do is click start here there’s just going to be a few questions you need to answer and then once you do that you can go ahead and go to the next part and you can go ahead and create a username password so you can go ahead and log into your account now once you log into your account you want to actually go to the very top and you want to go under the tab marketplace now they have all these different categories arts and entertainment business and investing now

Finding Profitable Product Categories

I’m going to share with you the exact categories that are always profitable. There are three main categories: health, wealth, and relationships. On Clickbank, these would fall under e-business e-marketing, health and fitness, and self-help. Under self-help, you would find different relationship and dating type products.

Why These Categories Are Successful?

People are always going to be interested in solving problems related to health, wealth, and relationships. To find the best-selling products on Clickbank, you always want to sort the results by gravity. This shows you the top-performing products at the top of the page. If other people are making sales with these products, then chances are we can do that as well. Look for a gravity score above 30. You also want to check the average dollar per conversion, which shows how much money on average you’ll make per sale.

Example of a Successful Product

I’ve promoted a product called Perpetual Income 365 successfully in the past. It has a current gravity score of 74 and a decent average dollar per conversion.

Increase Your Sales Conversions

Let’s discuss a high-performing sales strategy with an impressive average conversion value of $382.25. To start, you’ll generate your affiliate link. This is the crucial link to promote, as it’s how you’ll earn money when people purchase through it. Remember, most people won’t buy instantly – sometimes it takes multiple interactions before they decide.

Understanding Your Sales Page

To optimize your strategy, examine the sales page closely. We’ll soon learn how to quickly build a landing page. The idea is to collect email addresses in exchange for valuable information, allowing you to follow up with potential customers. Review the sales page – what elements can you leverage on your landing page?

Analyzing a Successful Sales Page

This particular sales page is effective for good reason. It boasts a compelling headline, and strong supporting elements. Note the scarcity tactic – the pre-populated deadline creates a sense of urgency. These strategies drive conversions.

Using Persuasion to Drive Quick Decisions

Persuasion principles to get people to make a decision quickly so this sales page has all the good things that it needs to have. The next step is we need to actually create this landing page and then start collecting emails. Now the place that I use to build my email list and to do email marketing is called GetResponse. Now there’s a lot of different ones out there, but the reason I like GetResponse is especially if you’re in the make money online or affiliate marketing niche.

Why GetResponse is a Good Choice?

GetResponse is really, really lax when it comes to promoting make money online offers. I’m gonna include a link directly below where you can actually sign up with GetResponse. Now the cool thing with GetResponse is they actually have a 30-day free trial. You can generate 500 email addresses totally for free just from signing up and then you know a thousand contacts is going to be just $15 a month. So this is very affordable and again you can get started totally for free, start to make money and then just reinvest a little bit into your email marketing. Okay so go ahead get signed up now. Once you’re signed up you’re going to get taken to your back office.

How to Create a Landing Page with GetResponse?

Did you know you can create effective landing pages directly within GetResponse? It’s a great way to capture leads as part of your email marketing strategy. While there are more in-depth platforms like ClickFunnels, GetResponse provides a solid starting point for your landing page needs.

Building Your Landing Page

To start building your landing page, click “Create landing page” and then “Show templates.” Choose a basic template to keep the process simple. Name your landing page something relevant to your campaign or promotion (for example, “Perpetual Income 365”).

Editing Your Template

Once your template loads, you’ll want to make a few edits. It’s helpful to remove the default brand logo and drag your main headline to the top. Consider repositioning any photo elements to the bottom of the page. You’ll want to select a compelling image to increase conversions, and there are many ways to source these online. As you make adjustments, you’ll notice the convenience of GetResponse’s drag-and-drop interface.

How Ordinary People Are Manipulating This Secret Algorithm?

  1. Getting More Emails:Literally just move it like that okay. I like to remove the name box because honestly having someone’s name on there is not really going to increase conversions. A lot of people think if they collect a name and they follow up their email using someone’s name that’s gonna get you more sales, but it doesn’t really matter. Just put the email. You want as little steps for the person to complete as possible so you can get the most amount of emails on your email list.
  2. Editing Your Opt-In Page:Go back to the sales page and copy the headline. Paste that into your opt-in page. Customize, drag and drop…. I can also change the color. It’s very customizable, which I really like. You can actually underline, you can italicize.
  3. Adding an Image: Go back to the sales page. Sometimes they’ll have photos on the actual page. If you’re on a smartphone, you can screenshot the image. If you’re on a computer, you can use a snipping tool and drag over the image. Save that to your computer, then add it to your opt-in page.

How to Design a Simple Landing Page?

  1. Customize Your Image and Layout: can actually upload that image okay so you can see i added it there i can drag it make it you know bigger like that okay and i can go ahead and drag it like this that’s looking pretty good i can move this down and like i said you just want to kind of play around with it it’s very very customizable very easy anyone can do this doesn’t matter if you don’t have any you know tech skills
  2. Craft Compelling Text and a Call to Action: now i can go ahead and make this bigger the size of the actual email box for this i want to put in get access now okay and i can put a little arrow so we’re just making it look better like that and that’s looking pretty good now i can also edit this and i can say enter your best email below to get instant access and again if you’re promoting another product you can totally customize this for your own product but you can totally just do what i’m doing as well now i can hit save and that’s going to save that right there
  3. Set Up Your Redirect: now once this is saved the next step we want to do is we want to click next step and we want to actually you can create a thank you page or you can have it just redirect directly to your affiliate link which that’s really the easiest which i would do right now
  4. Connect Your Landing Page to an Email List: now what we need to do is after we’ve created the landing page we need to actually create a list and then hook it up to this landing page so when someone puts their email in they get added to our email list and we can go ahead and follow up with them so we can go back to [your email marketing tool] here we can go up to the top tab under contacts okay and once we’re here you’ll see the create list button.
  5. Creating an Email List: Now we can create a list like perpetual income list okay or something like that and then hit create now what we want to do is we want to go to tools and we want to go to landing pages we’re going to see our landing page that we created here we just hit these three dots hit edit settings and then once we do that what we want to do is go down and we want to actually choose list we want to choose the list that we just created okay so i have a lot of different lists but you would basically just have that one created list okay so let me go ahead.
  6. Setting Up a Landing Page Redirect: Find right there now for the custom thank you page, you want to do a custom thank you page okay it may be on default you want to do custom like that okay so we just want to paste in our affiliate link so if i paste it right there and then we just hit publish so now that landing page will basically redirect someone to our affiliate sales page when they put their email in but they’ll also get added to our list and we can go ahead and go to autoresponders and we can actually start to create emails to follow up.
  7. Creating Email Autoresponders: Go to perpetual income list okay like that you can see that they have all these days that you can create autoresponders so you can just click create autoresponder like that and you can go ahead and create a new email now you just go through and you can actually create the email you can add the subject line now if you don’t know how to write emails a lot of these products will have done-for-you emails.

Create Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

Find and Use Email Templates

look and you know right here it does have that link so when we go there you can actually see that they have email swipes okay so we can go ahead and open this they have a subject line so i can go ahead and copy that go back here put that in the subject line next step very very simple and then for the actual body okay i’ll share with you this you can just go start from scratch choose a template okay like this go ahead and erase the text in that text box and then we can just go back to here grab this and go ahead and put it back there and

Customize Your Email

then we can just go ahead and edit you know put in your name etc and then for the link okay so it says learn how to take advantage you just highlight that hit this little paper clip and then again we would put in our affiliate link right there okay just like that right and then just hit okay and then once that’s all customized you just hit next step and you can go ahead and save that as an autoresponder message that will go out and you can create you know as many as you want at least seven that will start following up with people the last

Promote Your Landing Page to Drive Traffic

step is we need to get traffic or visitors going to our landing page so we can start to build this email list so if you go back to the landing page tab right here this link here is going to be the link directly to your landing page so you can see it’s looking pretty darn good and then they put their email in and it redirects to the sales page so we want to copy the landing page link and now you can use whatever method you want to get traffic to this page

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