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Amazon Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

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Amazon Affiliate Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide

We’re going to take you through how to become an Amazon affiliate step by step,covering the complicated rules and requirements so that you can get set up in the Amazon Associates program the right way.

With most affiliate programs out there, it usually takes just a few clicks and you’re an affiliate. But with Amazon, it is a little bit more complicated with different rules and requirements that apply. So I’m going to take you through the process of signing up as a brand new affiliate so you can see what’s involved. I’ll also share some tips along the way to help you make sure that you are compliant and to help you get the most out of the affiliate program.

Signing Up (Amazon Associates Program)

When I come over to Google and want to search(Amazon Associates program), the first one that shows up here is the Associates Central website. This is where we can sign up for the US Amazon associate program.

Because there are actually different Amazon associate programs for different regions (USA, Canada, Australia, and more), you will need to sign up to each manually. I’m going to take you through the process of signing up for the USA program, but the process is going to be pretty much exactly the same for any of the other ones as well.

Promoting Amazon Products

How the Amazon Associates Program Works?

To start earning by promoting Amazon products, you’ll need to go to the Amazon Associates Central website. The process is simple:

  1. Sign up: Create an Amazon account or sign into your existing one.
  2. Recommend products: Share product links on your websites, blogs, or social media.

Completing Your Amazon Associates Application

After signing up, you’ll be taken to the Amazon Associates application. Here’s what you need to fill in:

  • Your details: Provide your basic contact information.
  • Where you’ll promote links: List the websites and social media platforms where you plan to share your affiliate links (at least one is required, with a maximum of 50).
  • Traffic sources: Indicate whether any of your promotional sites or social media pages are primarily aimed at children under 13.

Additional Application Information

There’s a bit more information to provide on the application page:

  • Store ID: Choose a preferred store ID to help keep track of your links.
  • Describe your promotional methods: Explain how you intend to promote Amazon products.
  • Traffic stats: Provide an idea of how much traffic your websites or social media pages receive.

Getting Started with Amazon Associates

Your own unique link or code essentially identifies you with your links so things can be tracked properly. To begin, specify which of the following best describes your content: blog content, niche website, search/comparison shopping engine, or coupons/deal website. Next, indicate how you heard about the program. Fill in the captcha, agree to the terms, and hit finish.

Temporary Approval and Important Considerations

At this point, you are temporarily approved into the Amazon Associate program! You will receive a unique ID and they’ll review your application while you have full access to the Associates Central.

Transparency is Key

Creating and Setting Up Your Amazon Associates Account

We now have the ability to enter in our payment and tax information. You will need to do this at some point but you can skip this and hit later for now. Now that our account is created, we get a warning prompting us to input our tax information and our payment information.

Again, you can do this at a later stage. If we scroll down, we get to see some reporting including our earnings overview, the amount of clicks, and commissions that we’ve got. We can also see our summary for the past 30 days. Obviously, this will build out as you use it. We also got more advanced reporting available.

Amazon’s One Link Tool for International Traffic

If we go to the tools section and select “One Link”, this is a fairly new addition. While you may still need to sign up for each of the different Amazon associate programs for each region, they’re trying to streamline that process. That’s where this Amazon One Link tool comes in.

This will let you monetize your international traffic across certain Amazon associate programs. It isn’t available for all programs, but they are progressively rolling this out. To get started, we can go to add countries and then select which countries we want to link this Amazon account with. This will automatically redirect people through to their local store and still be tracked as them using our Amazon affiliate link.

Affiliate Link Setup

ahead and selected them all here now I’ll hit next and we can see that we’ve now got those listed here now we can adjust preferences for this one link here over on the side we’ve got one link redirection preferences here and this is where if you wanted to get more advanced and run multiple tracking IDs then you can assign a different tracking ID to a different region for most people you’re not going to need to bother with this but as cool as there’s this functionality in here now

Amazon and Affiliate Link Management

Amazon has this functionality now what we’re currently using is a service called geniuslink which integrates with Amazon’s affiliate program but also lots of other affiliate programs as well and it becomes an awesome tool to help you manage your affiliate links and see which products are in stock or out of stock or if a product’s no longer available the whole management of links and redirecting people to other regions and other Amazon affiliate stores makes this whole thing really really simple and they also make it really easy for you to find and to generate your own Amazon affiliate links from inside their tool too

Obtaining Your Amazon Affiliate Links

let’s jump back to the Amazon Associates website here what we want to do now is we want to actually go and find our Amazon links so this used to be a feature that you’d have to turn on here under Tools and site stripe but this is now currently enabled by default we can then come over to the Amazon website let’s go to amazon.

Generating Affiliate Links in the com Interface

In the com interface, you’ll notice an extra side stripe bar running across the top. This bar provides tools to streamline affiliate marketing processes. Let’s explore how to generate an affiliate link for a product. For example, if you recently purchased a monitor adapter, you can easily create an affiliate link to share with others.

To obtain the link, you have options: grab a text link, an image with embedded text, or create a custom link. The most straightforward choice is often the text link. Simply click on the text link option, and the system automatically generates a unique link containing your store ID and the necessary tracking data. Additionally, the interface provides a short URL, ideal for easy sharing. Copy and paste this link into your blog, social media posts, or other public-facing platforms.

Important Note About Amazon Affiliate Program Terms

Amazon maintains some of the most stringent terms of service within the realm of affiliate programs. These terms dictate where you can appropriately share and promote Amazon products. Thoroughly reviewing their operating policies and terms of service is highly recommended.

Understanding Amazon Affiliate Links

Make it clear that those links are actually taking people to Amazon so it doesn’t say that you can’t use other services to shorten the links and to help you manage your affiliate links things like Genius Link that we use. It does say that it needs to be clear that you are linking to an Amazon site. For us, what we do is we’re actually calling it out next to one of our Amazon affiliate links. We’re clearly saying that that link is taking people directly to Amazon so there’s no confusion.

Promotional Limitations

Using Genius Link

Now a little bit of a pro tip: using Genius Link (the tool that I mentioned earlier that we use) I actually have a way to get around using your affiliate links in those private spaces like emails and PDF documents. That’s by using what they call Choice Pages. Essentially it creates a public pop-up page that you can link off to. On that page, that page contains your Amazon affiliate links and you can also set it up so it gives people a choice to buy from Amazon (obviously being tracked as your link).

But also, if that product is available from other places that are supported by Genius as well, then you can actually link to those as well giving people a choice: do they want to buy from Amazon or do they want to buy from somewhere else? In some testing that we did with Genius Link themselves, we actually found that we were getting more clicks on our affiliate links when people were given a choice which is interesting.

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