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Affiliate Marketing Shopify || (Step-By-Step)

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How to Use Promote Affiliate Marketing on Your Shopify Store

  • Setting up the App: We are going to learn how to use the Promote affiliate marketing app on your Shopify store. Start by going to the apps section on the left-hand side of your Shopify dashboard. Click on “All recommended apps” and scroll down to locate the Shopify App Store. Open the Shopify App Store and search for “Promote affiliate and referral”. Click on the app to learn more.
  • About the Promote Affiliate and Referral App: The Promote affiliate and referral app offers a 14-day free trial. It allows you to customize rewards and discounts, track referral orders, motivate affiliates with bonuses and gifts, and automate processes like PayPal autopay and tiered commissions. To install the app, follow the standard app installation procedure within Shopify.

How to Install and Use the App Promote Affiliate App?

  1. Installation Process: Store click on install and this will be leading you to the part where now you’ll just install the app promote affiliate and referral feature so now you’ll just click again here on install app at the top here and that will lead you here to the app promote affiliate the app is in the app is easy and can make learning curve less intense so this is where you register now you put your details your name your first name here your last name here then your email then your password and then you click on register down here.
  2. Personalizing Your Experience: And then now here you help personalize your experience your primary objective of using App promote you can select any of these so what is your intention to expand affiliate Network optimize affiliate management automate affiliate process or convert customers to Brand Advocate you can select any and then click on next and then how many Affiliates do you have right now maybe you don’t have any or you have one to five you just select the ones the one that fits you click on next and then you select your industry.


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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Here you can select a maximum of two. Uh in this case, I’m just going to select fashion and jewelry and then click on start quick setup. And now this gives you an idea of what affiliate marketing is. It’s a process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s products. You simply click on get started so that it can get you to onboarding.

The Affiliate Marketing Process

You notice we have set up the program, these are the steps and then you recruit affiliates, you get referral orders. So you notice these are the steps that you’ll follow: you set up a program, you recruit affiliates, and then you get referral orders, and then you pay the affiliates.

  1. Setting Up Your Affiliate Program: So down here you now set up the affiliate. Do you want an affiliate link or an affiliate coupon? So you can select one or both. So in this case, I want both but these are details that you can also change later. Then select the commission type. Is it a percentage of a sale, a flat rate per item, or a flat rate per order? Maybe it’s a percentage of a sale. Which percentage you type here, maybe you’ll pay 15%.
  2. Commission Structures: You can also decide here on the commission. Maybe it’s a flat rate per item. If you click on that, you’ll decide on how much you’re going to pay.
  3. Recruiting Affiliates: Now here you are now supposed to recruit affiliates. First, you create an affiliate account and set your email as a test account.
  4. Creating an Affiliate Account: Account then you enter your password here and then you confirm the password and then you click on create so you notice your affiliate account has been created down here then next you can now activate your account here so to enable your test account to see how affiliate activation works you click on activate account but you can also click on next so click on activate account so you notice that you now see the details for the account that you want to activate the registration Time full name email program and then the actions.
  5. Activating Your Account: You now activate here you click on that so that now it is active and then you click on close then you click on close and click on next down here so that now you get referral orders so you you test the tracking system here is the affiliate link so this is the link that you’re going to use so to test the tracking system click on the link above and and the system from Shopify and app promote affiliate will track your clicks so and then you go back to this page so I just click on next so that I can get to pay the Affiliates how now do you pay

Setting Up Affiliate Payment Methods

The Affiliates we have the manual payouts that is you can decide from PayPal bank transfer check ATM and others so I’ll put bank transfer and you can select more than one so I’ll also add PayPal there you can also select in app payouts and the listed method help you to pay Affiliates directly via the app so once you satisfied with that you click on Save and finish and with that you now get the message congratulations your program is up and running and then now you can click on go home to explore.

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How to Customize Your Affiliate Program?

  1. Setting Up Your Affiliate Form: it’s now fully set up so you notice now this is how your affiliate looks like so you can customize it now you can set up a refer-a-friend program here you can also tailor the form to match your branding here you can also promote your registration form down here you can also view your partners then.You can see your Affiliates this where you get the overview Affiliates the number of clicks the referrals and the amount so you see maybe affiliate one who had maybe 20 clicks and who made Five referrals and the amount that needs to be paid that is either in the last 7 days or in the last 30 days.
  2. Customizing Your Form: To customize this further you notice you can promote your registration form here and you can also use your custom domain here so let’s first customize this form you click on customize form and it will open the app promote affiliate form so here you now select the program so you can use the default one then you can choose the font here.
  3. Editing Your Form: our form will look like this how now our form looks like we can edit it further if we need to just maybe for instance if you don’t like the font you just come back to the font at the top here select on that and then choose a different font you notice now how our font looks like that’s how the font looks like then the commission the ones we had set at 200 additional terms first name last name confirmation password and all that you just click on save pages and your affiliate registration has been updated
  4. Updating Settings and Viewing Data: you have just updated your form you can also go to your app promote affiliate settings where you can see the affiliate link and coupon product Analytics payments and also fraud detection you can also see affiliate admin where you can now set up your details so if I click on affiliate linked coupon you notice now I get all the details here you notice I see all the details here if I click on product analytics I can get the product analytics here but you notice I have not added any products yet.

So I if I do this way I’ll see the product analytics in terms of clicks referrals for that product and all that then this where you can see the payment and we can also schedule an aop payment you click on schedule auto payment where you now decide on how auto payment is going to happen maybe automatically an affiliate has more than maybe 400 Shillings or whichever format that you want to set your auto payment

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